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        Sodium Tripolyphosphate
        Sodium Tripolyphosphate

        Chemical formula: Na5P3O10
        Molecular weight: 367.86
        Executive standard: GB25566-2010/FCC, GB/T 9984-2008

        White powder or pellet, easily soluble in water. According to the use and processing needs, to provide different apparent density (0.5-0.9g/cm3), different solubility (10g, 20g/ 100mL water), instant sodium tripolyphosphates, large particles of sodium tripolyphosphates and other specifications of products.

        To use: 
        1. In the aspect of foodindustry, it is mainly used in cans, dairy products, fruit juice drinks and soy milk quality amendments; Ham sausage, lunch meat and other meat products such as water retention agent and tenderizer; In the processing of aquatic products can play the role of water retention and tender, expansion and bleaching; In the can of broad beans can soften the pea; It can also be used as water softener, chelator, PH regulator and thickener and in the beer industry.
        2. Widely used in detergent industry, as the auxiliary soap, soap synergist and prevent crystallization and frosting, industrial water softener, leather tanning, dyeing auxiliaries, oil Wells dug mud control agent, with oil to prevent agent of papermaking, paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate slurry treatment such as effective dispersants, ceramic industry do ceramic adhesive agent, water reducing agent


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